Monday, October 21, 2013

Top 5 Mistakes Plus Size Women Make in Fashion

Being a proclaimed fashionista is awesome as style sees no size and every one's type of style varies by the individual. When looking for that killer look that will turn heads or get tons of like on social media sometimes these fabulous curvy ladies can go a little too far to the left. Find out the top 5 mistakes women make and how to improve on it.

1. Not buying the right size
This is a very common mistake women make. It is tough to find trendy clothing in larger sizes specially women over a size 2x or 22. Always make sure to check for a few things: make sure your buttons are not pulling the material. Your fabric should lad flat and smooth. If the waist of your pants is digging into you stomach, they are to small. If your fabric stretches to the point it becomes see through, than it is too small.

2. Do not always dress age appropriate

Majority of trendy plus size fashions in stores are junior plus sizes. We must remember that even thought that top and leggings are cute, you may be a little to old to wear it. It is nice to find and wear cool prints, but just make sure they are appropriate for the occasion.

3. Believe a girdle(spanx) will fix everything

Girdles are made to smooth your rolls and pull you in a little, however, they are not miracle workers. Having a foundation piece is great for wearing bodycon dresses and to just smooth you out and enhance your curves.

4. Not mix and matching prints and colors properly

There is a right and wrong way to mix and match prints and colors. Sometimes women can do too much and end up looking like a Christmas tree. Understand that less is more and although mixing and matching can be show stopping when done properly, there is fine line when you can go to far.

5. Being too insecure to wear fabulous fashions

Body image issues keeps many women from dressing to their highest potential. They follow too many fashion rules which hinders the possibility of truly looking your best. Not all fashion rules are meant to be followed. Your style should tell what type of person you are without you having to speak.

The only fashion rules you should follow are ones that will bring out your inner fabulousness. Remember not everything is meant for everyone so be aware of how you look in certain items to make sure you look your best!


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