Friday, August 16, 2013

Sneak Peek at Sonsi's 2013 Costume Shop

I had the privilege to get a sneak peek at Sonsi's Costume Shop for 2013, which will officially launch this Saturday with sizes 12-30. I know Halloween is a couple months away but many people start to look for costumes as early as the end of August. I haven't dressed up much for Halloween since my teenage years and even then I would have to throw things together from my closet since most stores didn't carry costumes in my size or all the cute costumes were sold out by the time I went.

I am learning that to stay on top of the fashion game as well as to get the bomb items,us plus size women want, that online is wear it's at. Although I hate it, I am happy that there are options for us. Since my little ones are old enough to start going trick or treating I am definitely going to join in the festivities of getting a costume.

Sonsi's Costume Shop has every costume you can think of from characters to occupations. I know where I'll be getting my costume from. Here are a few pictures of fabulous costumes they have in the shop.

This year is all about having fun for Halloween so what do you want to dress up as?

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