Thursday, August 8, 2013

Did Harper's Bazaar Fail Gabourey Sidibe????

Not often, if ever do we get to see a plus size celebrity, model, woman in an editorial spread for Harper's Bazaar. When I heard Gabourey Sidibe was featured along with other celebrities and models I was excited. I am still excited about it. It shows that we are making our way to being included in mainstream and popular magazines.

I feel like the only difference between plus and straight size women is their size. They are still as beautiful and fabulous as their counterparts. Yet we are still treated as if we can and don't have the same life. I recently had a high school friend on Facebook talk about her horrible experience over hearing a group of boys say she would be cute if her body was smaller. She is now in the process of planning  weight loss surgery and I hurt for her. Plus size women is constantly made to feel that we are not good enough simple because we carry a heavier frame. It's not that we are mean or hurtful people, we just weigh more.

Looking at plus size women in magazines and on TV gives us hope that we are on the verge of being completely accepted. HOWEVER when a plus size person is featured in something and they make her look worse than everyone else it is a big let down and the feeling that we are still not accepted is heard loud and clear. I love that Gabby was featured but her clothing selection was beyond terrible and a bit disrespectful is you ask me.

After looking at the other women that was features it is very clear that they had no idea how to dress Gabby. I find it hard to believe that at this time they could not find more flattering pieces to have her wear. I understand that this was a high fashion editorial spread by lets get real. The title of the shoot is called "Singular Beauty", but there is nothing beautiful about how they made Gabby look.

Let's breakdown her outfit. She is in all black for the most part. I don't know if they thought it would make her look more slim, but fist of all the blacks are two different shades. They look like pajamas and do nothing for her figure. She has on basic black pumps also which is fine. Now this jacket honey.....Fail.The coat is very straight and makes her look boxy. It would have been better if it was buttoned up and tied around the waist to give her a more feminine silhouette. To top of this horrible look the put a scarf on her head. The scarf is cute but makes her face look very round. It would have looked better if maybe they created a wrap style or turban style head piece.

I have not seen one person say anything positive about Gabourey's photo and doubt we will. I think it is a disservice to feature a plus size woman and dress her horribly. We have too many plus size high fashion designers for her to not have something fabulous to wear. All I can do is SMH at this photo of Gabourey. I have included some of the other people photographed for "Singular Beauty" so you can see how they look.

How do you feel about Gabby's picture?????

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