Friday, December 12, 2014

You Are The Most Important Person In Your Life

I received an email yesterday and at the bottom of it that is exactly what it said. "You are the most important person in your life." I read it again and again.....and again. When I think about 2014, I am not pleased with a lot of things. I repeat all of the should've, could've, would've and you know what? I don't get upset like I used to. There are a ton of things I could have changed or avoided this year but then would I be this strong right now?

I firmly believe in what doesn't kill you makes you stronger. I am strong because I remember where I came from and what I went through. As 2015 is approaching quickly (Xmas is 14 days away...yay), I am excited to start a new and fresh year, but I am also scared of the unknowns. We never know what will happen in our lives until it happens. Should we worry about though?????

This year I finally learned to let go and let God. If I put in my share of hard work God will see the rest through and that is how I am approaching 2015. I catch myself sometimes thinking if I will really get down to my overall goal weight or will I be stuck as a big girl forever. It's funny that we doubt ourselves over things that can be accomplished. Is it possible that I will be smaller than I was in high school.....ABSOLUTELY. When you have been big majority of life you start to think negatively about life not being that size and why is that? Why do we doubt ourselves?

Its funny because after seriously starting my weightloss journey in August, I gained back 9 pounds in October. Only to lose it plus more in November. So it is more than possible *IF* I put in the work I need to. I had to let go of many things this year and focus on me and once I did that, things that seemed unattainable are very easily accomplished. That's why when I read that line I had to take a minute and let that sink in. You will ALWAYS be the most important person in your life. So you have to take care of yourself and give yourself what you need to be in the best and happiest place in your life.

That quote inspired me to create a new health/fitness/weightloss vision board to put on my wall! It's nothing like waking up to inspiring things to keep yourself on track.

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