Saturday, December 13, 2014

My Stomach Betrayed Me

The holiday season is hated by many due to the never ending foods that are shuffled from house to house and we can not forget all the people bringing things into work. I work in an office that houses two companies and each year they both have a holiday feast. Everyone cooks a dish and we enjoy it for the whole day. I'm not talking about no finger food tray, I'm talking about ribs, fried turkey, mac-n-cheese, rice dishes and so much more. This does not even include all of the desserts, soda, and wine that is also in attendance.

This year was the first time have been able to control my food intake around the holidays. Thanksgiving was a breeze and I'm sure Christmas will be a cake walk too. To stay on track I do not and I mean DO NOT EAT OFF TRACK. I don't have a cheat anything simply because I know I am going to indulge on a later date and I don't want to keep eating junk which will make me fall off the wagon. Even though this is the most I have ever been disciplined with my eating, I did not think what happened at the first company's holiday feast would happen.

The food was great! It consisted of mostly meats which was cool and I knew nothing would be made in a healthy regard. After I ate I decided I would get some dessert to finish it off and girl......... I am now sitting at my desk with my stomach hurting and feeling nauseous. It feels like a ate a whole box of cookies....I just can't deal. I have always thought that treating myself here and there is cool but is my stomach so conditioned that it can't tolerate sweets like it used to? Before I started losing weight I could tear down a whole box of snacks, cookies, and cakes. And if you don't think a stomach can shrink back down after being over weight I am here to say it can. I get full extremely faster than I used to eating way less things.

Today is a lesson learned and I now know that as much as it may look good and smell good I may need to stay away. My body feels so weird now and I definitely know its because of the amount of sugar. It's like trying to reject it but can't lol. I know I will feel better soon as I will be eating back to my healthy way, but this is reassurance that my body requires healthy food options for me to feel my best.

Have you ever had this issue???

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