Friday, December 26, 2014

The Holiday Reset

Soooooo I am sad......Not really! I started out strong with maintaining my indulgences through December, but I caved. Not the whole month, just this past week. It started with my companies second holiday feast which was way better than the first. We had so much food it lasted for days and we eventually shared it with the other company here. That day was fine, but I found that the busier I became the worst I ate.

It was hard to food prep, but I did a little. It was very hard to eat the food I prepped though because I was always on the go. I started to eat out, which in the beginning I was making good choices but the closer it got to Christmas the good choices became not so good choices. While this was not planned and I have been working out when I had the time, I decided to enjoy this holiday, sweet and all.

Part of me feels bad though. I noticed I feel very guilty if I indulge and I do not want to have that fear of gaining weight if I eat one cookie. While I know one cheat meal will not make you overweight, I know how my body reacts when I do indulge and I gain weight like it's going out of style. This weekend will be my last holiday hurray and I don't think it will be difficult to get pack on track. I food prep on Sundays and this Sunday will be no different.

I do not think I will hit my end of the year goal to be 275 unfortunately, but I will not give up trying. As long as I push hard enough and get as close to that number as I can I will be happy. I'm so happy the holidays are over lol. Now all I have to do is hit the reset button on my journey!

Do you guys feel you need to hit the reset button too?

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