Monday, December 29, 2014

The Battle of the Binge

When I tell y'all I am so happy the holidays are over.... I am so done with it! In the last post I did about hitting the reset button, I said it wouldn't be difficult to get back on track, but I was wrong. It actually got worse over the weekend. I wasn't that I didn't prep the right foods, it was that my body was still craving sugar and salt. So I gave in and started to eat more foods I shouldn't have.

Saturday wasn't so bad and the beginning of Sunday started out great. For this whole Christmas week I barely drank water and never had any vegetables. That was my first mistake! Not only do I hold on to water weight like it's going out of style but not having ANY vegetables messed up my digestive system. Its crazy how your body will alert you when you are eating the wrong things but after a while it will just adapt be it in a healthy or unhealthy way.

When I did drink water it was with Crystal Light which taste horrible to me now (I don't know what I craved it) and although I was eating better, I did not eat enough and I allowed some things into my diet I shouldn't have. So bring on the triggers! I know what my triggers are but every time I think I can have a little I go overboard. Yesterday was no exception and it all started with bacon. Yup! Bacon triggered me and I started to eat some of everything. After dinner which was bacon turkey burgers, I was fine until I got hungry again. I ate every sweet and salty thing I could find and even cooked more bacon.

I never would have thought that bacon would be a trigger but I now know it is. This is one of the reasons I am very strict with my eating because the smallest thing can cause me to binge eat. It is something that I have to monitor every day and although I am not happy about it, I know it must be done. Not only did I feel horrible after eating all that food last night, but I also woke up with the worst headache which I think is due to eating so much salt (I can still taste it), I'm bloated, I gained almost 10 pounds (a variety of factors from water weight, salt, and etc.), and I just feel like a hot mess on the inside.

Today I am ready to kick my but back into gear. I food prepped for the week and will start week 2 of P90 over. I missed so many days it's only right I start that week over. The most important key to follow after a day of binge eating is that you wake up the next day and put you best efforts towards getting back on track. Of course we love everything that isn't healthy, but remember what is most important. Those pieces of bacon or being healthy.

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