Sunday, December 21, 2014

First Week Down...My First Impression of P90

I have completed my first week of the Beachbody's new P90 workout and I am not completely sold on it yet. I chose the Sweat Schedule which will have you doing more cardio than strength workouts since I need a good amount of cardio to help with my weight loss. So for one day you will do Sweat A and Ab Ripper and the next day you will do Sculpt A. These days will be rotated until Saturday which you will do the Saturday Special workout and Sunday is a rest day.

The first day I started I did get my sweat on and my abs did feel it but I was surprised the Sweat A session isn't a full 30 minutes and the Ab Ripper isn't even at least 10 minutes. Now day two for Sculpt A I was feeling muscles I have never worked before and I was definitely sore the next day, but this workout isn't a full 30 minutes either. the Saturday Special is the most intense workout of the week, but once again it isn't a full 30 minute workout.

The actual workout is great! You are using muscles you may have never used before and you are definitely going to work for that half hour. I do more of the modified moves due to my bad right knee and I still feel the burn. Every move is timed and you do get a break at the half way mark. I have had to take more breaks during Sweat A, Ab Ripper, and Saturday Special which I think will eventually become less as I get more endurance to complete the entire workout without stopping. Since Sculpt A is mostly weight lifting I have no problem staying in the game the whole way through.

For me however I need more than a 30 minute workout. The max amount of calories I burned in these workouts where in the 500s and that is not enough for me. My goal is to hit as close to 1000 as possible and more if I can being that I am trying to drop this weight. My plan is to start doing every workout twice for maximum results which will only make my workouts a hour or a little more for the days I do Ab Ripper. I will say that you have to really put in work to burn calories. This is not a high intense workout like P90x or Insanity so you really have to push your hardest to get good results.

In a nutshell I am very pleased with P90 so far, but I will be doubling up on the exercises to get more of a workout. I highly recommend this for beginners.

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