Monday, December 8, 2014

Dealing with Temptation While My Children Indulge

Quick Update: My 2 week bootcamp to get right for my job's Christmas party was excellent. I was able to buckle down on my food and incorporate weight training into my workout routine. I am actually seeing faster results now that I have added weights. My starting weight was 292 (see post here) and on Friday I weighed in at 286, but I am more focused on seeing the changes in my body and boy are they happening! The picture on the left is from Friday.

Now back to the topic! I have three little nuggets that I have to chase around everyday and while I am incorporating this healthy lifestyle into the whole house, I don't want to deprive my daughters from things kids should have. I think all children should be able to have snacks, chips, and other goodies in moderation, but I definitely cannot have them in moderation.

I deal with binge eating daily and keeping my diet strict with clean foods helps to keep me from binging. I do not allow myself cheat meals or days on a regular basis. Instead I wait for upcoming events or special occasions to give into temptation. That is what works for me though. I often have to explain why I can't have a cheat anything once a week and it's very simple. It my start out as a cheat meal and turn into a cheat day, then week, then month, and so on. If I wait longer to indulge its easier to stay on track as I am more used to healthy foods and my taste buds are trained.

So even though I don't eat it doesn't mean I keep it away from my girls and it is very difficult at times. Like yesterday my mom wanted to treat the girls to McDonalds. It was no problem because we haven't eaten out in a while but soon as I opened that bag.....BAM! The smell of french fries hit my nose like it was my last meal lol. Here I am handing the food out and all I want to do is eat a fry. I knew if I had one fry that would lead into many more so I was able to resist but boy was it hard. Dealing with that is what made me want to right this post. I think I will always have a problem with binge eating, but I am working damn hard to beat it. My health is worth far more that french fries.

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