Thursday, July 11, 2013

My Feet are Cursed After Having Twins

You read that right, I think my feet are cursed after having my twins. For some reason my feet swell if I wear heels or non-supportive flats (basically all sandals and flats) for to many days in a row. How whack is that...SMH. I never had this problem with my first daughter and even when I was pregnant with the twins my feet NEVER had swelling issues. It would just so happen that after I had my babies, who are 2 now by the way, my feet still cannot get this swelling crap under control.

Now if I can't wear flats, sandals, or heels...what am I supposed to wear???? I can't wear sneakers to work except for Friday and who wants to wear sneakers everyday anyway. I want to wear the cute shoes. Am I suppose to buy a pair of orthopedic joints????? Because I am not doing that. Not now, not ever. I would say I can go about 3 to 4 days before my feet begin to swell. It starts with my feet becoming a little achy and then my feet start to jiggle when I walk LOL. I can actually feel my feet's so weird.

Sooo when I run into this every week, I have to wear some shoes I hate. I have a pair of shoes with built in comfort, they may be Dr. Scholls but I can't remember. The are very comfortable but lacking in the style department. I think they are meant for people who are on their feet all day. I recently found a pair of shoes with a similar comfort build. They are cap toe and has a 1 1/2 heel on it. They are semi-cute and so far so good.

My feet can get a brake and hopefully these new shoes helps with the swelling. I am to fabulous to rock a pair of orthopedic shoes. I will find a way, hopefully soon, to get this swelling under control. Until then I will alternate between my cute shoes and my kind of orthopedic/not so cute shoes LOL. It is so true that having children can alter your body and not in a good way. The struggle is real out here LMAO!!!!!

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