Tuesday, July 9, 2013

The Colorful Pick Me Up

So, today is a rough day. You woke up not feeling 100 percent your usual self. The process to get out the door for work is done with little effort and all you can think about is how many hours until you’re back home. You’re leaving the house with your hair disheveled and your outfit is in need of major work. You simply look like you don’t care…

More often than not, our look for the day is a direct reflection of how we feel. Stress, your mood, being physically drained, the struggle of eating healthy and even the amount of physical activity you get can affect your thoughts and clothing choices. But starting today, we are going to fix that… Tip 1: The way we dress can actually change the way we feel.

Start with your outfit. Your outfit is the base of your look and sets the initial tone. When in need of a pick-me-up opt for bright colors and patterns. Bright colors like yellows, pinks and neon shades are known to positively alter your mood. These colors are energy boosters and will jumpstart positive thoughts, which will help you to survive any challenges that are thrown in your direction. The best prints to “spice up your day” are floral prints. Colorful floral prints are mood boosters. They give off positive energy and keep you alert. So when you are feeling drained and tired — pull out those reds, oranges, yellows and floral prints and lay on your foundation.

The next item to focus on is your accessories. Beginning with your jewelry, look for statement pieces. Bring out your mom’s pearls or put on a nice pair of ruby earrings. Switching up your earrings, bracelets, necklaces, and even rings can put a little pep in your step. Keep it fresh and fun and your outlook of the day is sure to follow. Shoe selection is also very important. You want to pick a pair of shoes that are comfortable. Regardless if you wear flats or heels find a pair of shoes that will give your look a little spark. Tip 2: Pick a shoe that is a completely different color than your outfit. For example if your outfit consists of a hot pink top, an orange shoe will make it pop! Always accessorize your look to give it more pizzazz.

Last but not least be sure to tame your tresses (Tip 3, by the way)! Your hair should be combed and styled. That doesn’t mean you have to rush to the salon — a few curls or waves can provide an instant confidence boost! Try something different. If you usually wear it down, wear it up and vice versa. It’s all about stepping out of your comfort zone to get you into a better zone. For those who wear little to no makeup, try a colored lip gloss or lipstick.

Keep it simple, but chic! You want to look in the mirror and adore what you see. Feeling “pretty” will trigger happiness and happiness controls your thoughts which will lead you towards a healthier/happier you.

You are your look. Do not let a bad or rough day keep you from being your fabulous self. When you find yourself not at 100 percent, use your style to motivate a more positive and productive state. Lay your foundation, build using accessories and complete your look with your hair and makeup. Always remember style should never suffer. You are fabulous! Be sure to allow that to shine brighter than any physical and emotional obstacles you may face.


  1. This is so true, when ever I am having a bad day you can totally tell. My hair is always crazy looking and my makeup looks half done! Such a good post, I plan on taking your advise and taking a little more time making myself feel good before I leave the house!

  2. I used to be that way too, but you really can dress yourself into a better mood. I always go for my favorite pieces to bring me out of a funk.