Monday, July 22, 2013

Butt so Big You Can Sit a Glass on It

Have you ever been told that??? I know I have. I have been blessed with a large rear end and I get that comment a lot. It doesn't really bother me as long as it's not coming from a complete stranger, because I love my huge butt LOL. I only have one nag about it and that is that it sits up really high and it is hard to find a skirt that will not have me mooning people.

For me skirts aren't my only issue. Being that my waist is a lot smaller than my hips, I either have my bottoms rising up or pants falling down if I don't wear a belt. Even with a belt my bottoms will still rise up. I hate to buy a great dress or skirt and end up having to alter the orignal look to make it work for me but It's a must have. If you have the same delimma I do, here are a few tips to still have a killer look:
  • Buy midi dresses and skirts. The orignal lentgh is around our knees or a little bit longer so if it rises up you are still in the safe zone. Also making your midi skirt a high waist will also give the illusion of a shorter skirt.
  • Make dresses shirts. We all have different body types and sometimes things are not made to fit our's. You can make a dress a great tunic top by adding leggings, shorts, etc.
  • Tailor your items. I know we don't all have the means to do so but for those who can, get your item tailord to better fit your body. Add material or take it in for your trouble areas.
  • Look for alternatives. If you are stuck on a certain item 9 times out of 10 you can find a similar item that better fits your body type.
  • Make your own clothing. I know not everyone can sew but making your clothes yourself will not only save you money but you will make the items to fit your body perfectly.
These are things that I have tried and it works for me. Sometimes I do wish I can wear that dress or skirt with no worries but that is not the body I was blessed with. I love my table top and you should love yours too. Hopefully these tips will help you get out their and be creative!

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