Monday, July 1, 2013

Monday's OOTD

So today it's suppose to be thunderstorms all day SMH, but I didn't want to stick to dress slacks and a button up. The weather has been so crazy this spring and summer, it's hard to wear a lot of my favorite things like dresses because it has been raining majority of the time.

I bought this dress recently and have been dying to wear it. I only have one problem and that is that the skirt under it is really short on me. I run into this problem A LOT. I have a very big butt (in a good way LOL) and it sits up very high. It is hard to find dresses and skirts that will be long enough in the back and not expose my lady parts when I move around. Like many other dresses and skirts I have the under skirt of this dress rides up like no other. So I put leggings on so I can be more comfortable wearing it and not moon everybody LOL.

Now because the weather will be crappy I matched my look with some wedge booties. I hate getting caught in the rain with sandals or flats therefor booties were a great choice and the heel isn't too high so they are comfortable to wear all day. I also wanted to stay away from black shoes because of the leggings. I kept my hair simple in a bun and put on black pearl earrings to keep that simple as well. Being that the entire dress is polka dot, I didn't want to do to much with everything else. Nothing much on the lips except for lips but lip balm. I don't really wear make-up to work because I don't really have the time in the morning with 3 little ones. I do wear lipstick occasionally to work but not often.

Here's the outfit deets:
Dress: Rainbow, Leggings: Don't Remember (had them forever), Shoes: Target, Earrings: Rainbow

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