Tuesday, July 30, 2013

Does Adding Fat to a Word Make You Feel Better???

Fatshion, Fatkini, and any other word some in the plus size community has added fat to....drives me crazy. I understand why people do it though. Many feel like they are taking the word fat from being an insult to embracing it and feeling powerful when they say it first. I get it!! But my question is do you really want to be identified as fat.... or do you want to be identified as .... I would rather be identified as Jasmon or a fashionista not Fat Jasmon or Fatshionista. I want to be respected and spoken to without reference to size. I find it a little demeaning to always include fat into a description. Why can't we accept and embrace the term fat and leave it at that.

Taking pride in who you are is a must but when it comes to how you want to be respected is a bigger obstacle I think some don't understand. Calling yourself fat before someone else does will not make you look more powerful. Standing up as the person you are, that will make you powerful. Some will disagree with me and that's fine, but if we truly want to be accepted and treated as equals we must use the regular terminology as our equals. You don't see skinny woman saying skinnykini or Skinny.... , so why do we do it????

For some women it really does make them feel better and for some it is a buffer and way to hide the hurt they feel when being called fat. For the women and teens who hurt or feel sad when they are called fat, it is ok to not embrace this fat trend. You will only be respected how you see fit when you set your own standards. Just because one of your favorite bloggers or celebrities refer to themselves in fat terminology does not mean you have to. I follow a few bloggers that uses that term for a lot of things but I will never follow suit. I know how I want to be represented and respected and will never allow another to take me off the track.

Embrace who you are and who you want to be! If you like using fat in front of everything I say go for it! If you are using it to hide behind your true feeling I say stop and just be you. You are one of a kind and whether your fat or not you are SIZE FABULOUS and words should not define you!!!!

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