Friday, September 28, 2012

What’s The Truth Behind Your Weight?

When you read the question “What’s the truth behind your weight?” you automatically start rattling off excuses about you being too big because you hate the gym, or too small because you’re so busy running around that you forget to eat.

Those are perfectly fine answers, but when I ask for the truth, I mean something like this…
The other day a friend and I were lamenting about our fitness goals or lack there of, when she made an admission that I think startled even her. She said that the reason she thinks she put on weight was because it kept men from paying attention to her.

See when she was younger she was harassed by older men in her neighborhood who complemented her young and still developing body. Never mind that these men could’ve been her father or grandfather, all they saw was a sexual object and she in turn grew to resent it. Subconsciously, as a way to advert their eyes she put on weight.
The more weight she put on, the less they harassed her. Seemed logical at the time, but now as a grown woman she struggles to find a place where she is comfortable in her own skin and sexuality to not use food as a repellent.
That is her truth.

Listening to her story filled me with emotion, not only because I can 1000% relate on all levels, but because it got me to thinking about what my own truth would be. So often we think of weight in terms of physical activity or beauty, but we often forget the psychological aspects of it.
How are we mentally carrying our weight and what role does it play in our healthy living journey? Maybe if we all took a moment to find our own truths, the path to healthy living will take a physical and mental weight off our shoulders.
So, what’s your truth?
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