Monday, September 10, 2012

Plus Size Woman = Limits in The Bedroom

So I was talking to a guy I know about limitations of plus size women in the bedroom. Now this guy dates women of all sizes so these are not his opions and feelings. He was talking to me about how his friends feel and react to dating and having sex with larger women.

On the initial meeting of some men and plus size women I was told his friends think the woman is pretty but they feel they will be wasting there time because there is a lot of limitations with a big girl. I was confused as far as to what these limitations would be. His friends stated that skinner women are more flexible and doing certain positions are easier.

My friend said he has to constintly defend why he perfers to date larger woman and explain how sex with a plus size woman is not what they think. He has never been limited in the bedroom and feels plus size women actually has a few perks that smaller women don't have. He thinks that men are scared to date plus size women.

It is such a negative stigma surrounding large people in general that some are reluctant to date bigger people because they dont know what to expect. If they tried it they would see that there is no difference. A relationship and sex with a plus size person is exactlly like relationships and sex with a smaller person.

My first question is how would you know if you don't or will not ever date a plus size woman. Just like the saying goes, "Don't knock it untill you try it". Some people need to open there eyes to life. People come in all shapes and sizes and everything in life we go through is the same. Its crazy that one would have to constintly defend the type of person they want to date.

How do you feel about plus size women and the bedroom??? Do you agree or disagree???

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