Friday, September 21, 2012

Friday's From Me To You

I'm Back My Lovely Fabulous Ones,

I am officially getting back to my blog and company. I'm sorry for the hiatus but I was and still am currently going through a few things. I feel I have been gone too long and despite what I am going through I still want to be here for you guys. So today I want to touch on life's trials and tribulations getting in the way of living your life.

We are all human and even the most powerful people goes through hard times in life. It may not be what you or I am going through but trust me they have their own troubles. But at the end of the day how do you handle your situations? Are you one to just grin and bare it or do you completely shut down?

However you handle your stress, the most important thing is to not give up on your life, family, piece of mind and etc. I'm a combination of both. For the most part I just accept my situations and move on, but there are times I just shut down like I did recently. After being away for so long I knew I had to just accept what was going on and move forward. I cant neglect everything in my life even if I want to. How can I become stronger and make progress if I'm not doing anything.

I also missed my company. I have so many things I have to catch up on and so many things I have to put into action. So don't worry guys the contest is still going on and my twitter and facebook will be back jumping.

I like to share  with you guys because I want you to know I understand and can relate to your lives and vice versa. I want to help anyone I can navigate through life and I want you to know that you will always have someone to talk to and support you.

Peace & Love

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