Tuesday, September 11, 2012

Empowerment Hour: Jumping in with Both Feet

Did you know that “everybody dies but not everybody lives?” I have encountered many women that are barely getting by and do not know why. Deep down, they ache to break free of mediocrity, but can’t seem to actually live their lives on their terms.

That woman used to be me. I sat day after day, reading those celebrity magazines and business books, saying to myself that I wish I had those lives. I couldn’t accept that living the good life, traveling around the world, and having more money was indeed possible in my life. After all, I felt that I wasn’t that talented, beautiful, or skillful enough to do the impossible. Hell, no one around me was doing anything but going to work, coming home, sitting in front of the television, paying bills, and maybe going on vacation every few years. There also wasn’t the love of a good man or woman in their lives.

At some point, my life became unbearable. I couldn’t stand another day of just being average. So what did I do? I started by changing my friends. I was no longer content with hanging around people on my level and below. I wanted to surround myself with people who were doing the very things I dreamed about. It was sad to leave some of my friends behind but our relationships were not growing so I had to move on. Before I knew it, I was going to beautiful places with new people, enjoying their company.

I also started reading self-help books. I read a book every month, which led to a book every two weeks and is now a book a week. It’s so beautiful to see my life change when I actually did the exercises to alter my mindset. Life became an amazing journey of self-discovery instead of one of misery, stress and sacrifice. My purpose soon became revealed and I loved knowing that every day I was moving closer to the goal.

I stopped being led so much by fear of the unknown, fear of mistakes. One day, I decided that the time had come to embrace it and do everything I wanted to. Fear is still a part of my life but it is manageable now.

Moving on in life is very doable. Jumping in with both feet means embracing the journey without looking back or thinking twice.

Jump in with both feet!

Courtesy of www.fullfiguredmag.com

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