Monday, September 10, 2012

Monday From Me To You

Happy Monday my Size Fabulous followers,

So many things has been going on and I am all over the place in a few areas. Fist my laptop has been being repaired going on almost three weeks. All I brought it in was for the speakers and they pretty much replaced everything except for the shell its in. That is one of the reasons I did not post much last week. Secondly last week I also came down with a serious and painful stomach virus. I'm not 100% yet but I will say I'm around 90%. That is the other reason I couldn't post.

So now that I'm back lets get down to business. My eating and exercising is in a terrible state right now. I have not been exercising for a while now and I'm just having a hard time finding the motivation to get it back going. I did promise myself if I get down to 245 lbs I will do another photo shoot. That's good motivation and bad motivation. Its good because I give myself a reward for losing the weight, but its also bad because I am the owner of Size Fabulous so at the end of the day I can do a photo shoot whenever I feel. I am going to find another thing to motivate me. I know I need to get things back moving in the right direction.

I actually when grocery shopping the Sunday before I got sick. So there is not excuse that I don't have what I need. Being sick, I lost my appetite so I'm pretty much eating anything I can to get back to normal.

I definitely plan to get back on track. I will set a date of the 17th. That's next Monday and hopefully by then I should be back 100%.

How have things been on your journey????? Have you fell off track or been going strong??? I would love to know. That way we can encourage each other to keep going.

Like always I'm here for support and questions.

Peace & Love

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