Thursday, March 20, 2014

Maximize Your Closet Space

I will be moving this May and I couldn't be happier. I will be moving into a townhouse and will have sooo much more space EXCEPT for my closet. Now I will be getting a walk-in closet, however, I will have to share my closet. The apartment I'm in now I have the whole closet to myself which allowed me to acquire a enormous amount of clothing and shoes. I am definitely not happy to share my closet *major side eye as I type this* but I want to be fair LOL. Being that I will know have less closet space I have to utilize space saving tools to get the most out of my side.

I want to share with you the things I will be using to maximize my closet space so you can maximize your space if you need a little help doing so. Once I move and get my side of the closet in order I will make a video about it to show you. Everything below I found at Target, but I will shop around to find the lowest price to save some money.

P.S. I will also do a closet audit before I move to limit the amount of clothing and shoes I bring with me. That is a great way to start when you want to organize your closet.

For the top of your closet....

Use bins like below to keep items organized and in place to save space and avoid unnecessary messiness.
Room Essentials: Large Tapered Basket $14.99
Badger Basket: Folding Basket $11.99

To expand the amount of clothes you hang up....

Rod doublers are the best. The allow you to have a second clothing rod for more clothing to hang up. Hanging organizers also allow you to put more clothing in the closet that would take up space elsewhere.

Honey-Can-Do: Adjustable Closet Rod $19.99
6 Shelf Organizer $18.99

Where am I going to put my shoes???????

Ok so if you are a shoe fanatic like me you have to think long and hard about where you will put your shoes. The first option is a shoe rack. Usually a basic shoe rack will do just fine for most. I have decided to get bookcases for my shoes. I have too many for a regular shoe rack. Whatever the shoe amount there is always a solution

Seville Classics: 3 Tier Shoe Rack $28.49
Room Essentials: 5 Shelf Bookcase $32.99
I hope this helps you get your closet in order. I will share my finished result after everything is completed.

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