Monday, March 3, 2014

Be Swimsuit Ready at Any Size

Now is the time to start shopping swimsuits. Many clothing companies have been releasing their summer swimsuit collections and I have not found one I have not liked yet. I used to hate swimsuits but now I adore them. It was a journey to get comfortable in a swimsuit and I am sure it is many of you who are not ready to show it all. Here are a few designs that has different features to help you along your journey.

For the shy but bold woman. This peek-a-boo swimsuit provides extra coverage for those that may want to keep any insecurities they have about their stomachs, waist or hips covered up. It also has full coverage for the bust. With no cover-up needed this yellow swimsuit screams fun. When I was first understanding and learning about and excepting my plus size figure, this is the suit I would have worn. I used to hide under shorts or big t-shirts. Some times even not get into the water. Its all about taking baby steps. This would be the first step to stepping out of your comfort zone and wearing a swimsuit. If you are still a little uneasy about going to the beach or pool in a swimsuit, this may be the perfect one for you.  (swimsuit is by Roaman's (

For the flirty and fun woman. Enjoy a nice pattern with this peacock halter tankini. The rouched top hides any imperfections in the mid area and pull in the stomach in the right places. It also provides full coverage for the bust. Wearing patterns, I consider as step 2. People avoid patters because they don't want to draw attention to themselves. If you like a pattern don't be scared to wear it. As long as the suit is flattering to your body, enjoy it. With matching bottoms, your bound to have a good time with this swimsuit. (swimsuit by Avenue (

 For the sexy and cool woman. All eyes on you with this suit. This halter swimsuit has tummy tuck lining and ties at the hips to adjust for the perfect fit. The fringe also is a great feature to hide the stomach area. Step 3 is spicing it up a bit. Try out different styles. If your not doing any major swimming the water, why not get a little creative with the swimsuit. If you want to play it cool but keep it sexy this is for you. Swimsuit by Monif C (

 For the confident and in charge woman. This high waist bikini was made especially for plus size women. It has tummy tuck lining and adjustable ties. There is also full coverage for the bust. Now this swimsuit will not look good on every plus size woman. For those that can wear this, it definitely makes a statement that bikinis are not just for skinny girls. This is my favorite because there are women that have bellies and want a hot two piece suit but cant find one. I encourage any woman to give this suit a chance and show how confident and sexy you can be. Swimsuit by Monif C (

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