Tuesday, March 11, 2014

The Lipstick You May be Sleeping On

I am a drug store make up maven. I rarely buy make from other places, simply because I don't wear makeup enough to invest tons of money into it. For me it would be a waist buying items as expensive as MAC or Urban Decay on a regular basis. Not to mention I don't have that kind of budget.

A few months ago, I ordered a pair of shoes and in the box there was a full size sample of Mary Kay's True Dimensions Lipstick. I didn't know if I would wear it or even like it but I tried it and I am in love. I don't think a lot of younger women are hip to Mary Kay. Mary Kay has been around for decades and it is usually older women who are selling these products, but I am here to tell you their lipsticks are the bomb!

I am truly a fan! Their lipsticks are on the expensive side but I buy them periodically and wear them often. I will forever be a drug store makeup maven, but I will dabble a little bit. Check out a few of my faves.

Some of My Fav Mary Kay Lipsticks

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