Friday, March 21, 2014

It's OK to Complain About Plus Size Clothing Prices

I was going to do this post a while ago but changed my mind. After I read another bloggers post about women to stop complaining about plus size price tags, I definitely wanted to share my opinion.

So here are the facts....

*Plus Size designers are few and far between...Yes

*The cost to make larger clothing is more expensive...Yes

*Most plus size designers are small/home based and don't have the funds to reach people like other major designers....Agreed

With those facts I can understand that people want all of us to understand why the cost of our clothing is more expensive. As a business owner myself I definitely understand why and how designers will make a profit and I'm not upset about that.

My issue is for designers to provide clothing for all consumer budgets. There are many times I would love to buy from and support some plus size clothing companies and designers but there is no way I am paying their prices. A lot of people say "But the quality is better" and frankly that is not always true. Don't get me wrong some designers are fab but some are on the same level as Forever21 or even worse.

If I'm paying for Forever21 quality, I want Forever21 prices. I think that is the problem plus size women face. It's not that we hate that there are high end designers, it's the fact that some designer prices are just plan ridiculous. Or some item prices are ridiculous like swimsuits. Do I buy them..absolutely. Will I pay hundreds of dollars on them...HELL NO. Even if I became rich tomorrow, I know I wouldn't begin to buy crazy items like that. Just like other mainstream labels, we are only paying for the name. And you can find quality items at lower prices TRUST ME!

I have done many posts on how to find great fashion pieces on a budget and I feel it is possible to be just a fabulous and have great quality clothing for less. Does that mean we should stop complaining...NOPE. We want what we want and if you want a particular brand to carry some of their clothing at a lower cost it is only right that you let them now. Business owners love feedback on their product, so don't allow opinions of others to sway or mute yours.

So that is why I say it's ok ladies, let your voices be heard and continue to speak your mind!!!!!!!

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