Monday, March 17, 2014

Spring Essentials

Spring is just around the corner (it starts in 3 days) and by now you should start to rack up on some essential items that can go with any outfit.
  • Tanks & Tees: You should always have a supply of tanks and tees for all occasions. They are so convenient.
  • Scarves: Being that scarves are a new go to accessory, you should keep a few handy.
  • Blazers & Other Jackets: Time to put away the parka and pull out the slimmer and more convenient outwear.
  • Sandals and Spring Inspired Shoes: Colorful shoes and sandals are a spring must.
  • Bright Lipstick: Enough of the fall colors, lets bring out those pinks, oranges and etc.
  • Nail Polish: Just like lipsticks, time for bright colored nail polish.
I'm so over winter and I am pretty sure you are too. So join me as I prepare to bring a little more color into my life. Here's to bringing in Spring colorfully!!!!!
Spring Essentials

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