Wednesday, September 18, 2013

Call Me Bond......Jasmon Bond

You ever put on an outfit and instantly feel bad ass? Well that's me today. I was unsure of what to wear but knew I wanted to wear this skirt because I have not worn it yet and the weather is getting colder. We're in that in between stage were in the morning it's really cold but gets warm by the afternoon. Once I figured out everything to wear, you couldn't tell me nothing. I am at a stage in my life were I dress to put me in a better mood. I have said many times that what you wear can brighten up your day and I stand by it. I woke very angry due to lack of sleep but by the time I finished getting dressed I was in a better mood...Why??? Because I felt I looked like a true BOSS and very BAD ASS lol.

Outfit Deets: Blazer: Forever21 / Top: JcPenney / Skirt: ASOS Curve / Shoes: Guess

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