Thursday, September 5, 2013

Celebrating Healthy Curves is Still Celebrating Curves....Right??

I have noticed that when I post things related to fashion/style/body image I get a great response from my fabulous followers, but when I post about living a healthy lifestyle I either get no response, negative response or people start to unfollow me. Now I know everyone is on their own journey and I in no way push my thoughts and opinions onto to others, but it does make me think. Do people feel like I am not still celebrating curves if I talk about healthy foods and exercise?

I am a full figured woman full of curves and I believe I will always be plus size (I don't want to become skinny). I do however want to be that a crime? Size Fabulous was created to have women love their bodies while maintaining a healthy lifestyle. Do I criticise people for eating foods I don't or not exercising...absolutely not. Everyone is in charge of their own life and like I said many times, losing weight and eating healthy is your decision and your journey.

Would I like to see you fabulous ladies on a healthy journey...Yes! I am a firm believer that everyone regardless of size should eat healthy and get a little exercise in their daily routine. I want us all to be healthy. I know I am not perfect and nor do I claim to be. I have been up and down on my journey since the birth of my twins (which was 2 years ago) so I know and understand the struggle. I love you guys and if my posting of health and wellness bothers you then I am sorry, BUT I will continue to share my journey.

Size Fabulous has a goal and you don't have to agree with everything that is shared. I am sharing my stories through my blog so those who are going through the same journey has someone they can relate to and reach out to. I love all of my followers whether you hit the gym or not and I will always be here for you guys in all aspect of being fabulous at any size.


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