Sunday, September 22, 2013

Ashley Stewart Signature Collection Launch with Kendra Porter

I was invited to attend Ashley Stewart's Signature Collection Launch event in Harlem, NY by the fabulous stylist Kendra Porter. I couldn't believe she invited me herself. Being that I am in Syracuse and this event is in NYC (like most plus size events), I probably wouldn't have went if I was invited by a random person. I saw this as an opportunity to connect and network with people that can help me grow my craft and business.

I created a plan, got a couple of girls to go with me and we hit the road. Three and a half hours later we were checking into our hotel and getting ready for the launch. Believe it or not but this was my first time in New York City and I was excited. I definitely wanted to jump into the city life and feel the vibe. The event was great! Kendra gave a very nice presentation of the collection and provided helpful information on finding clothing to flatter our body types. We also got to shop in the mean time and who wouldn't love that.

Meeting Kendra Porter was awesome. She actually recognized and came up to me and we ended up speaking for majority of the event when we could. I was also able to meet and speak with Erica from the corporate side of Ashley Stewart. I know that Ashley Stewart is very active in the community and also does a lot of work with bloggers and other plus size fashion mediums. I left the event with my goals accomplished. I got to meet and have great conversations with Kendra and Erica. I planted the seeds that I firmly believe will grow.

This will not be the last time I head to NYC for Size Fabulous. I only see great things in it's future!!!

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