Friday, December 28, 2012

Your Year in Review

So its only a few more days until the new year and I know you are getting those new year resolutions ready. I want you to take this time to look back at this whole year that has past. I want you to think about everything. All the highs and lows and what got you to this point in your life. What could you have done differently and what is your plan to have a better year next year?

Sit down, get a piece of paper and a pen and get started. Start by writing down all the things that went on during the year and I do mean EVERYTHING. Some things we go through we might not think it will affect us and it does. We must re-evaluate everything in our life in order to have a happier one. Write down all the good things that has happen and all the bad ones.

Once you have written down EVERYTHING, take a moment to go over your list and put a star next to things your feel should not have happened or you felt it could have went better. Once you do that make another list of ways you can handle situations better and things you can do to prevent certain things from happening. Then make your goals for next year. Incorporate everything into your new goals and put this list and your goals up somewhere you will see it everyday so it is a constant reminder for you.

Don't be too critical on yourself just focus on becoming a happier and better you. Hope the new year is better than the last.

Peace & Love

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