Friday, December 7, 2012

Friday's From Me to You

The saying is true. Everything is easier said than done and I understand that but if you really want to make change then it will be done. What everyone needs to understand is that all things takes time. Loving your body, losing weight, getting married (lol) and etc. will take time to happen. People are too busy looking for that quick fix that they are not willing to put in the work to get there. It is and will always be easier to quit rather than to work hard for something.

Are you willing to do what you have to do to get to a happier you????? Are you ready to make sacrifices??? If your not ready then your road to loving your body will be harder for you. Its all about how bad you want it. The same goes for losing weight. If your not willing to put that fast food down don't expect to get a six pack. If your too busy being selfish don't expect to get that ring.

The steps it takes to loving yourself and your body can be very simple but it all about how bad you want it. For some who have other serious conditions like mental illness and clinical depression, the road to a happier self can take longer and requires more work.

It doesn't take much to love yourself. Remember the work you put in will be worth it if you get your happy ending. You should take everyday as an opportunity to take steps to a healthier happier you.

I'm always here for support and questions.

Peace & Love

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