Tuesday, December 4, 2012

Advertisement Break

Americans spend there whole day seeing some type of advertisement with a model on it and what do some start to do???? Compare themselves to those models. We all know what comparing ourselves leads to and that's finding things we don't like about our bodies. So I want you to try and take an advertisement break.

Taking an advertisement break can help you in more ways than one. Not only can it save you money and time but the most important thing it will do is keep you mind clear to think positive about your body. I know it can be hard for you but it is so worth it in the end. I only want you to do this for ONE week to see if it will help you.

So what you will have to do is refrain from looking at any type of magazine that is not plus size. Do not watch commercials during your TV time. Do not go to any websites that are not plus size. Look at yourself in the mirror a few times throughout the day.

This is great for everyone not just those with low self esteem. Giving your mind the freedom to form its own opinion of things and focusing solely on your body can raise your confidence and self esteem regardless of how confident you are. So lets get started. After you read this choose a day to start and go for seven days. If you want to go longer excellent. I will love to hear how it went for you.

Everyday should be a day to do something to get you to a happier you :)

Peace & Love

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