Wednesday, December 19, 2012

Why I Cried For Burger King

I didn't actually cry for Burger King lol but I got emotional. I got emotional for two reasons. At the end it gave a new light to my binge and unhealthy eating habits and how strong I can be.

The first reason I wanted to cry was because I REALLY wanted some Burger King. I had to make a stop at the grocery store before I go home and its one right across the street. It was a combination of already being hungry and the aromas that floated my way. I'm so used to when I don't feel like making something to eat fast food is my next choice. Even when I've tried to loose weight other times my excuse was one meal wont hurt. Then one meal turns into two and two turns into three. Its a never ending cycle that's leads me to fall off my healthy eating. I knew that if I got Burger King last night I would always get fast food when I really craved it.

The second reason I wanted to cry was because I couldn't believe I got this emotional over fast food. Was it really that serious???? Am I more addicted to foods than I think??? I just might be. I though I was going crazy. How could you cry over not eating a food you want. Then it hit me that this is a test. It showed me my strength to not give in to temptation. I have been working hard at getting my healthy lifestyle back and I don't want to lose it. My health is more important than a burger. I DID NOT get anything from Burger King. Instead I went home and made my own burger. It was so much more rewarding knowing I didn't cave in and I stood strong.

I know I am not alone in situations like this. Many people who has been eating so poorly over a long period of time has times when all we want is one little taste of the foods we always loved. Is it worth it???? I think not. Giving in would have made me feel horrible. I would have felt regret, guilt, loss motivation and think bad about myself and my body. I feel a lot better and I know if was was able to make the right choice then I can continue to make the right choice.

I'm am here for support or questions, don't be shy.

Peace & Love

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