Thursday, December 6, 2012

He Didn't Want You Because of How You Acted, Not Because of Your Weight.

I hear a lot of women complain about not finding love or even getting a date because of their weight. Some times that can be true, but what women need to understand is that our actions may be the reason a man was turned off and don't want to date us.

The most important part of being in the dating world is to act the way you want the man to treat you. If you think dressing half naked or throwing yourself at men will get you your prince charming you are wrong. Men like a bit of a chase and I do mean a small chase not playing games. Your confidence should be the first thing a man can see in you. Even saying hello and your name should be said with confidence. That man should know what kind of women he is speaking to in the first FIVE minutes.

First thing is to dress the part. There is nothing wrong with being sexy just make sure you look respectful. Make sure your clothes fit and your are dressed for the occasion. Next is where you meet men. There is nothing wrong with meeting men at the club or online but be aware of what his intentions maybe and if he's crazy (lol). Next is the conversation you have with men. Sex should not be the topic of conversation on your first couple of dates. You should be getting to each other. Are you guilty of any of these?????

Last but not least is to not ignore the signs. If you find that you are never getting that second date, you may need to do some reevaluating within yourself. If you present yourself in a respectable woman manner you shouldn't have such a hard time dating. I know we are all looking for love and can't seem to find it, but it's one thing to not have chemistry with someone verses you making them uncomfortable. Next time you have a date, I want you evaluate how you acted when you get home.
Do you think you was doing to much???? And don't forget to ask your friend and others who are close to you about your dating skills. It is always good to get others opinions from a different point of view.

Peace & Love

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