Wednesday, April 10, 2013

There are No Bad Bodies


There are no bad bodies. The concept of “bad bodies” is a conspiracy.
On average, women see over 400 advertisements a day with glamorized images of what they should look like.
You know what all those images have in common?
They are selling something. Make up, a gym membership, clothes, hair products, restaurants, diet plans, razors, plastic surgery, etc.
There is a reason this ideal exists. It’s to make money. There is a reason that thin has been so culturally accepted as the way to have a “good” body. There is a reason that the beauty ideal - thin frame, even round breasts, long legs, smooth skin, long sleek hair, perfect complexion, made up, and wearing a certain style of clothing - exist for a reason.
The reason, is that if corporations can manage to convince women that they aren’t beautiful the way they are, they can convince them that they need certain things to make them beautiful.
Like diet pills and diet food and a gym membership and make up and cover up and nail polish and spanx and fancy clothes and more and more and more.
It is a conspiracy to make money.
And it’s one of the most successful conspiracies in the world.
You know what else those ads all have in common? They show those women as being happy and successful; having friends, going to parties, having men desiring them, being confident, smooth, and popular. This had led to an abundance of women who deeply believe, consciously or not, that the only way to achieve happiness, is to achieve a certain aesthetic.
It’s not just the media. because this has been so widely spread, and accepted, you hear it everywhere. from your peers, your parents, your teachers, even strangers.
Bodies have become such a taboo, and such a subject of shame for most women, that girls don’t grow up seeing real women’s bodies. Not represented by the media, and not even represented by the women in their lives. I think it’s pretty rare for a girl to grow up seeing all different shapes and sizes of women being represented proudly, and not in the context of “look how disgusting this part of me is.”
So who do they look to, to try to understand what women should look like?
Magazines, TV commercials, etc etc.
So they think that’s what all people should look like. So of COURSE they feel like something is wrong with them. Of course they do.
But there isn’t. There is nothing wrong with you.
The part of your body that you think is just *wrong*, and *deformed*, and *hideous.* Why? Your body is built exactly the way it’s meant to be. It’s your body. And anybody who tries to tell you there is something inherently bad about it is brainwashed.
There are no bad bodies. There are only bodies that are well taken care of, and bodies that are not. If you eat food that makes you feel good, and do things that make your body feel good, then your body will find the weight, the size, and the shape that is best for it.
That might be 90 pounds. 120 pounds. 180 pounds. 250 pounds. More or less. Anything.
So maybe, next time you’re sitting there just thinking about how fat, and ugly, and wrong you are, take a second to ask yourself, why do I think that?
The reason is, because you have been programmed to think that. You have grown up in a toxic environment, where that concept - the concept of good and bad bodies - is everywhere. And just knowing that won’t make those thoughts go away, but maybe, it will give you more perspective. Maybe then you can step back, and say, “okay. this isn’t real. This is actually complete and utter f*cking bullsh*t.”
Your body is a good body.
Your body is the perfect body.

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  1. This is so very true, I am a plus size woman currently with the weight of 252 currently. I enjoy being a large female however I am aware that due to health risks I should come down a bit, I believe that beauty comes in every size and I'm glad to find some one who agrees. ~Chavone