Friday, April 26, 2013

Full Figured, Fabulous & Dating Part 5: What to Do After the Date

Your actions after your date are just as important as your actions on your date. Even if your date went really well, it can be overshadowed by what you do or try to do after it. I will touch on what to do after a good date and what to do after a bad date. These tips should help you finish strong.

After a Good Date
  • Before you part ways let them know you had a great time on your date and wait and listen to his opinion.
  • If he advise he would like to see you again you can agree to it BUT do not try to make plans right at that moment.
  • NO SEX on the first date. You want to take your time and get to know him and sex can sometimes complicate things.
  • Do not call or text him that night after you part ways. If he texts or calls you then it is ok to engage in conversation.
  • Do not push him for another date. Let things flow and take your time.
After a Bad Date
  • DO NOT lead him on. If you don't want to continue dating or speak with him after your date, you have to cut all ties.
  • Be honest and tell him you are not interested. If you are not comfortable saying it on the date it is ok to send him a message after you are home.

First dates are the most nervous yet exciting dates. Possibilities are endless of how the date will end. Remember every factor of your date is important. Take your time to make sure you are presenting yourself the way you want to be treated. Never allow yourself to be pressured into anything and ALWAYS make safe decisions. Relax and let things flow without being forceful. You deserve the best so never settle for less.

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