Tuesday, March 5, 2013

Your Pretty for a Big Girl

I cringe when I hear people say that to themselves and others. Is it a rare find to see a pretty big girl???? Do we not exist???? There are just as many unattractive skinny people just like bigger people. Just because you carry a bigger frame does not automatically make you less attractive. I wish people would do away this phrase.

Ladies we can not accept every form of flattery. Saying that is just a back handed complement. He called you pretty but he also just called you fat. It's not cute and if someone ever said it to me he would never get the time of day. Your beauty should not be based off your size and you can not accept anything less.

If he is truly into you (besides sex) he will not reference your size to your beauty. We have to learn that all attention is not always good attention. Just because he says your cute doesn't mean a thing if he is throwing shade on your size. When you love yourself and your body you will learn to separate the two. Stand up for what you deserve and never settle just to feel the love you are longing for.

You are strong, you are worth it, you are amazing and YOU ARE BEAUTIFUL. Not beautiful for a big girl but beautiful because you are you.

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