Friday, March 29, 2013

Full Figured, Fabulous & Dating Part 1: Where to Look

I think just about every single person in the world is looking for love. The struggle is real out here. I can remember the days when it was easier to find love and I miss the days of men actually courting a woman and being a gentleman. Even though I feel some men have become lazy in regards to dating, I strongly feel women has let them. Men will treat you how you allow them to treat you.

I wouldn't say it is harder for plus size women to date, but we do have some stereotypes that can hinder finding the right guy. If you find that you are meeting the same type of men, that does not fit the description of the man you are looking for, it can be because you are not doing the right things to attract the right one. Dating is never easy but you can make it fun. Of course you will run into a few bad apples but as long as you are doing your part Mr. Right will come along.

Part 1 is focusing on where are you are looking for men. You can find them anywhere, from the internet to the grocery store, but it's all about how you put yourself out there.

  • The internet is a quick and easy way to find a potential mate. Internet dating is becoming more popular as we don't have the time, like we used, to hit the dating scene. The first key factor of internet dating is to be honest about who you are. DO NOT try to "Catfish" someone LOL. You want a current picture of yourself and a honest description about yourself. The next factor is to be VERY and I repeat VERY careful. There are many scammers and crazy people online looking for their next victim. It is easier to be duped by someone online. Do Not give out any personal information and take your time. Present yourself online like you would in person. Be yourself and do not be scared to turn someone down after you meet them in person.
  • The club is a fun place to meet someone. You get the opportunity to meet someone with similar interest in music, dancing, and how they spend their weekends. Every club is different so you want to go to the clubs that cater to your potential mate qualities. The club can also be tricky. Some men are just looking for a good time (sex), so be careful. You do not have to go home with them. It is perfectly fine to simply talk and end with an exchange of numbers. Always keep your drink with you and if you did go by yourself (I don't recommend) make sure someone is on a constant update of your where abouts.
  • Through friends and family. How many times have you asked your friend or relative if they know someone. That is a good thing to do. If it is someone you are close to you will know what kind of people they surround themselves with. You should have an idea of what they are about and their interest. Your friend/family member will also speak very highly of you so you kind of already have your foot in the door. The first date can actually be a little less awkward because you can do a group date. You do, however, still have to do your part in finding out who this man is and if he is the man you are looking for.
  • Work can be the most riskiest place to find love (I am guilty of dating coworkers). Although my breakups did not effect the office, others have fallen victim to the work place relationship drama. Dating the boss is by far the most risk taking. He is your boss and if it ends badly you can be without a job or he can make your life hell. You also have to deal with any backlash if your coworkers find out. Are you willing to take that chance????? Dating a coworker can also be tough. At the end of the day you have to see this person everyday. So if this ends badly, he might be the last person you want to see. A only great thing about dating coworkers is you have the opportunity to get to know them very well because you see them everyday. I say tread lightly on work place romances.
  • General out and about encounters. How many times have you went to a certain place on lunch because this cute guy is always there. (Don't act like I'm the only one who has done this LOL) Random run-ins with people can lead to great dates and a potential relationships. Don't be afraid to engage in conversation or give your phone number to someone you have your eye on. You never know what can happen and if he is interested he will be happy you did. If you present yourself well you will not come off as desperate.
At the end of the day you can meet a man anywhere, but some places are to be handled differently. Kick start your dating life and put yourself out there. Just be you and be fabulous!!!!

***Keep an eye out for Full Figured, Fabulous & Dating Part 2: What to Wear next Friday***

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