Monday, January 14, 2013

What Example Are You Setting???

Do you know that everything you do children pick up on it and usually follow in your foot steps. How would you feel if your child developed the same eating habits or body hatred that you have???? Will you be ok knowing that your child is going through the same issues you have??? It has nothing to do with not wanting your kids to be over weight, but in the chance they are what will you be teaching them????

Many people who are over weight do not want their children to be. They don't want their children to go through what they did and that is excellent, but your actions may lead to just that. When you have a negative body image it is not easy to cover it up. Especially if you are depressed about it. One way people cope with it is eating poorly and when you walk around hating your body and eating poorly guess who is learning from you......your child.

We never want our children to become depressed or have a negative body image regardless of size. Even if your child isn't over weight you still have to teach them about having a positive body image. Body image is important for a happy life. No matter what your child goes through when you are not around you have to instill the values of positive body image. Outside influences have more control over children these days than parents do. You have to make sure your child knows what is reality and what is not.

If you only have negative thoughts about yourself you will not be able to correctly teach your child. Work through your issues and get to your happy place so you can then pass what you've learned to your children. Loving your body will teach your child to loves theirs as well.

Peace & Love

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