Friday, January 4, 2013

Friday From Me To You

With the new year finally here I'm pretty sure most of you made a few new year resolutions. I am not really in to new year resolutions but that's just me. I am hoping that you all keep all of your resolutions and make 2013 your year.

Stay focused, be determined, find your motivation and don't let others deter you from your goals. Nothing comes without hard work and instant gratification doesn't last long, that's why it's called instant. Learning to love your body at any size should be high on your priorities. The thoughts you have of your body not only affects your self esteem and confidence but it can cause a counter affect on other aspects of your life.

If you want to change something then do it but thinking about it constantly with no action taken will not create change. You have to take the necessary steps to get to a happier you. Only you can do it, no one can change your self image but you. No matter how much weight you loose, how many surgeries you have or how depressed you get; if you don't work on your inner self and thoughts you wont see the results you want.

Loving yourself at any size will make your life that more fulfilling. The possibilities are endless, so being that's its the new year lets get thing rolling. Like I always say EMBRACE YOUR BODY, BE YOU AND BE FABULOUS.

Peace & Love

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