Friday, January 25, 2013

Friday From Me to You

I'm hoping that all of you are feeling beautiful today. I know everyday we all go through different things and our struggles can be different, but I am here for you. I think to myself all the time about how I hope I am at least helping one person get through their body image troubles. My mission is to help as many women and teens girls as I can to build their confidence and self esteem.

You are worth far more than your weight. You are worth more than the clothes you wear or the friends you have. You deserve to be loved and respected. I find a lot of women are afraid to stand up for what they believe and not take any crap from anyone. Some are afraid that they will lose friends or their significant other if they stick to certain standards.

Well I'm here to say if your friends or significant other cant respect your wishes then they were not true to your relationship. You don't always have to agree on everything. What you may see as ok they may think other wise and that is ok. The most important part is that you can look beyond your differences. One thing I also want women to understand is that you do not have to lower your standards to be in a relationship. A man will love you flaws and all and give you the respect you deserve but you have to demand it.

Love yourself ladies. No one will love you like you love yourself.

Peace & Love

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