Thursday, January 3, 2013

Weight Loss Tips for Best Results

I know majority of America made a new year resolution to lose weight and get in shape. Many people end up falling off after a few weeks or months but that doesn't have to be you. If you want to change your life by getting healthier and lose weight you have to make a life style change. Go into it with a clear mind, motivation and a willingness to give up certain foods. These tips below can help you loose weight and keep it off.

  1. WATER, WATER, WATER....water is very important for weight loss. You must drink at least 8 cups but preferably more. If you hate water try things like crystal light it will give you great flavor so you will drink more. Water also helps with the elasticity in your skin, cleans out your system and helps you get fuller faster.
  2. Try to eat the least amount of processed foods as possible. Processed foods are mostly empty calories and usually will make you hungry not to long after eating it. Try shopping on just the outer part of the grocery store. The isle in the middle are mainly filled with processed foods.
  3. Eat lean meats, vegetables and fruit. Everyone knows you should eat vegetables and fruit, but you have to make sure you are eating more. Half of your plate should be vegetables. Your meat should be lean meat. Turkey, chicken, fish should be your meat of choice. Red meat is ok in moderation but should be avoided.
  4. Portion control is very important too. You want to make sure your not eating more than you should.Read serving sizes to make sure you are eating the correct amount. Also get smaller plates if you have to and chewing slowly also helps. It takes about 20 minutes for the body to know that it is full so eating slowly will help you know when you are full before you eat to much.
  5. Exercise is very important. Doing at least 30 minutes of exercise a day has many benefits. Not only does it help you loose weight but it can help your heart and etc. You don't have to kill yourself in the gym. Take your time and don't give up.
  6. BE PATIENT!!!!!!! you will not see results right away but don't get discouraged. Slow progress is still progress and if you are committed to a healthy life style than you will be ok with taking things slow. Also when losing weight very fast you may end up with things like high amounts of excess skin. Losing weight slowly give the elasticity in your skin to catch up with your weight loss.
  7. LOVE YOUR BODY AT ANY WEIGHT. Loving your body at any weight will help you stay focused and do the right things to lose weight.

Hope these tips help :)

Peace & Love

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