Wednesday, January 16, 2013

How Are You Handling Stress???

So yesterday was a hectic day for me. I almost ran out of gas trying to get my daughter to the doctor. I got gas and made it to the doctors to find out she was on the verge of having pneumonia. I also was starving because due to taking my daughter to the doctors and needing gas I couldn't eat at my scheduled time. I was so frazzled by the time we left the doctors all I wanted to do was eat, eat and eat some more.

I went back and forth about what I should eat and shouldn't eat. Since I am trying to eat healthy I knew that's what I needed to do but that's what I couldn't do. I had to get to a class I am taking and I didn't have time to stop at home. Soooooooo I ate HORRIBLY. I got chips and cookies and ended up eating a bit of food the class provided. By the time I got home I felt TERRIBLE. I hated the fact that I was doing very good all day and I let my stress get the best of me.

But you know what.....IT HAPPENS. It is not the end of the world and I know today is a new day to start fresh. I don't have to continue to make poor choices. With that being said, how are you handling your stress??? I know there are many of you that eat your feelings and I know it is very hard to stop but we must take it one day at a time.

Do I always binge eat when I'm stressed??...No, but it happens. We must remember that it is ok to have a bad day and beating yourself up will not make things better. Just calm down and start fresh. Take handling your stress one day at a time. Learn what are your triggers and work on them. It may take some trial and error but you will get to a place when you can be in a tough situation without turning to food. Everyday is a day to make better choices.

Peace & Love

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