Monday, January 28, 2013

Plus Size Women and Social Internet Sites

There has been many things coming out recently about the dangers of online dating and other internet scams. The MTV show "Catfish" has became one of MTV's best rated shows. I can remember when sites like "MySpace" and "Facebook" first came out. Back then you didn't have to worry so much about people deceiving you for their gain. Now it is VERY dangerous at times to connect with someone you don't know from the internet. I see a lot of things going on with men singling out plus size women for personal gain and plus size women lying about who they are to get attention from men.

I think men and women who lie are insecure, selfish and down right trifling for this. Women who fall victim to the lies men tell need to wise up. There are always red flags that goes up but these women tend to ignore them because they want to make themselves believe that man is genuine. Sorry ladies but you have to be very cautious and smart if you want to find love online. Now there is nothing wrong with finding love online and it can have the same out come as meeting someone in person but when online the person can lie a bit more.

Plus size women need to embrace who they are when they want to meet people online. You can't hold onto a lie about what you look like if you really want to meet and be with this person. That man is liking or loving the picture of who you are and if the picture isn't you, your setting yourself up to be hurt. You have to be yourself because you want that man to fall in love with you and not someone else. Also, you DO NOT have to post pictures or your breast, butt, be in lingerie or any other type of extreme thing to get attention from men. There are men who prefer to date plus size women and they will come to you. All you have to flaunt is your confidence, that is more sexy than your breast in every photo.

Ladies be who you are and don't fall for the lies. You will find true love whether its from the internet or in person.

Peace & Love

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