Monday, January 26, 2015

I Took the Weekend Off and It Didn't End Well

I have been at a weight loss plateau for little over 2 weeks and I could not figure out what I could do to get through it. I spoke to every fitness person I could to see what I can change and that is what I did. In my last post about weight loss slowing I talked about things I would be doing and after doing that it pretty much messed me up. Someone also told me it might be a good thing to not workout for a couple days to give my body a rest.

So on Friday I started to up my calories and didn't really pay attention to the calorie amount. That might have been my first no no]. I didn't go crazy and eat bad foods but it did lead to a binge day. Friday and Saturday was ok. I actually started to get a little sick by eating high calorie foods like pizza. Now did I have to eat pizza??? No! I chose to eat pizza because if I was going to up my calories why not treat myself with higher calorie foods. After Saturday I couldn't take it anymore and started to eat clean again on Sunday. It didn't last long though.

Everything was ok until it was time for dinner. Sunday's are my prep days. I prep foods, clothes and my daughters hair. Braiding their hair lead me to eating dinner late and by that time I didn't want to wait for my fish to cook. Bad, Bad, Bad...smh. I set myself up at that point. So instead of waiting I made a grilled cheese sandwich with 2 slices of cheese for max cheesiness (which is from heaven lol it has been so long since I have had one) and added a bag a chips (individual size). That sandwich and bag of chips was followed by me eating some brownies (2 snack bags that are for my daughters). After that.......I ended up eating the leftover dinner from my twins. How embarrassing!

The guilt I feel from last night is still lingering over my head. I am back on track today but I can't get over the fact that I have not ate off track since Christmas. I have been very open with my binge eating issues and I thought I would be great to talk about this weekend to help me be accountable. This wasn't the plan and I did gain 2 pounds from it, I am happy it was only 2 pounds and I am able to start fresh today. I do feel like I am starting from the beginning though. I am having cravings and it is only 10 something. There wont be an increased calorie weekend for a long time lol. Binge eating is no joke and it doesn't take much for me to come across a trigger.

The most important part is that I accept that it happened and move on from it!

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