Friday, January 9, 2015

The Difference a Knee Brace Can Make

So I am around 10 years old and I am riding my bike, out of no where a boy rams his bike into mine causing us to collide in a not so great way. The fact that I had to get help getting home, could not straighten my leg out completely, and was only able to ice it without any other medical care is the cause of my bad right knee. Since that accident I have had a few issues like my knee giving out during physical activities. I have never had my knee checked out, but I am slowly heading toward that way.

When I got pregnant with my twins, the weight gain changed my knee entirely. I went from my knee giving out here and there to knee pain and limitations. I am still dealing with the knee pain to this day and my huge weight gain last year only made it worse. It is very common that weight can affect your joints and mine definitely contributed to mine. Now that I am seriously working out, my knee has been a limiting factor in what I can do. I have modified as much as I can and took the initiatives to find a knee brace to support my knee and eliminate some of my modifications. I first went to my local pharmacies and places like Wal-Mart to find a reasonably priced one, but they did not carry anything that would fit my leg. I then went to my doctor and she wrote a prescription for me to get one. After the weeks of dealing with insurance requirements I finally got my knee brace yesterday.
I am beyond happy I got this knee brace. It has helped out tremendously. Movements when I needed to bend my leg were definitely easier and the support kept me from having pains. I am still going to gradually see what more I can do with it. I don't want to do too much too fast and injury my knee any further. I will be using it every time I work out and it is awesome. My only complaint is that no matter how tight or loose it was it slides down a little but I'll deal with that if it help me knee.

I highly recommend anyone with minor to severe knee issues to get a knee brace. It will make a huge difference in the quality of your workouts. If your local store do not carry your size, you can either go to a rehabilitation store or see if your doctor will right a prescription for one. I got mine through a rehabilitation store with my prescription so I didn't have to pay. The actual cost of it was around $53 and that is expensive so try to see your doctor.

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