Monday, January 12, 2015

Why It's So Important to Take Pictures During Your Journey

We have all been there when we know we are working hard towards our goal of weightloss, but don't see the changes we would like to see. I am in the mirror everyday examining my body to see if I find something that is different and many times I don't. When you look at yourself everyday it is hard to see the changes your body are making.

Well Saturday was my weightloss group weigh-in and I am officially down 40 pounds... whoot whoot! Although the numbers on the scale are steadily going down I still haven't seen a huge difference in the mirror. I have now started to try on clothes I couldn't fit and guess what?..... I can fit some of them again. Yyaaayyyyyyyyy!!!!!

The biggest sign of me losing the weight has been the pictures though. Since I used to blog mainly about fashion, I used a picture I did for a blog post to compare my new size to. The first time I did it I was only down about 27 pound and to be honest I didn't see much of a difference. After I hit my 40 pounds down mark I though it would be a great time to take a new picture in the same dress and boy was I blown away. Everything about my body has changed.

Things like this makes me want to cry happy tears. This journey is far from over but the changes my body is making is amazing. That dress even had to be pinned in the back so you can really see my curves. I received so much positive feedback and people asking what I did and it feels amazing.

Taking pictures is a must during the journey so you can see how your progress is going and to remind you why you started. I have also hung up and taking pictures of a pair of jeans that are my next goal jeans. I haven't worn them in over 4 years and I am excited to get in them again.