Wednesday, June 4, 2014

My Fitness Magazines Obsession...

Ok guys I have a confession to make....I am obsessed with buying fitness magazines. My healthy lifestyle journey started after the birth of my first daughter in 2009. At that time I started to buy books and magazines about how to change things in my life to become healthy and lose weight. It wasn't the pictures of women I wanted to see, it was the information I was being given.

I don't seek information from these magazines to look like the models (very unrealistic and unhealthy to do), I do it because you never know what new things, studies, recipes and etc. has come out. I used to subscribe to a few publications but to curve my "addiction" (lol) and to save money I now just buy them here and there.

I get a lot of limited edition guides and books usually once a year (hence them being limited editions). I do have my favorites that I feel give me the most beneficial information though. Check out my list of go to magazines and books below,

My ultimate Favorite is Oxygen Magazine and my favorite books comes from the owner of Oxygen Magazine. Her name is Tosca Reno. Her books and magazine focuses on clean eating and fitness.

My other go to places are:

Fitness Magazine
Self Magazine and guides
Women's Health guide (don't really care for the magazine)
Clean Eating Magazine
Shape Magazine

I feel all of these magazines, guides and books gives great information and their own spin on healthy lifestyles. I usually apply what will fit into my lifestyle and not worry about what doesn't. What I don't use out of the magazines I sometimes create and update my vision boards with. You can never have enough information on living a healthy and balanced lifestyle!!!!

Are you a magazine junkie like me????

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