Monday, June 2, 2014

Review of E.L.F. Jumbo Lip Gloss Stick

I was in the grocery store yesterday and something told me to browse through the beauty isles and I came across the E.L.F. display. I cannot tell you guys how much I like E.L.F. because of their product and their prices. Ladies we do not have to shell out 25 dollars for one piece of quality make up. It is nice to have companies like E.L.F. that has quality items for lower prices.

I originally thought these were jumbo lipstick pencils, but they are actually a tinted lip gloss. I was happy they were lip glosses and not a lipstick. I love me some lipstick, but I also have my days when I want a more toned down and subtle look. I decided I would give these a try and because they were priced so low I bought them all to see how I would like them.

I tried them all on last night and I love all of them. They are very moisturizing and the tinted colors are not too much or lacking; they are just right. The only thing I was surprised by is that they have a peppermint or spearmint type of smell. It's not that strong so it doesn't bother me really. All in all, I really like these lip gloss sticks. I will definitely put these bad boys to use and purchase more in the future.

Have you tried E.L.F. lip gloss sticks before????

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