Monday, June 30, 2014

True Life: My Boyfriend is Fed Up with My Weight.....Womp Womp

I love watching MTV's True Life and more often than not many people can relate to what the people are going through in their episode. True Life has been flying under the radar lately, probably because of ratings, so I've found that new episodes come on very randomly and very late. Well that's the only time I tend to catch them. Last night's episode featured two couples in which the women are facing weight loss battles to save their relationship and each couple got me upset in different ways.

The first couple consisted of a very fit man and an overweight woman. The man was very into fitness and healthy eating and the woman wasn't. She was like the average big girl who enjoyed her food and did little physical activity. With her boyfriend constantly on her case about loosing weight she obliged but it didn't come without added relationship issues. This is when I started to give my major side eye... I was all for encouraging her to live a healthier lifestyle but it was the way he went about it. Like many (for reasons I will never understand since it never works) thought by calling her names, giving her ultimatums, and damn near forcing her to workout and eat the way he did would give her the motivation to lose weight. Why, Why, Why do people do this!!!!!!! It never works and usually brings on negative results. My whole thought during the show was why is he with her if he wants a smaller framed woman and why is she with him when he talks to her that way. I absolutely can not deal with women regardless of size that stays in a relationship when someone puts you down constantly. That is not and will NEVER be love. This young lady deserves better and hopefully in time she will and if SHE wants to lose weight for HERSELF I am more than proud she is making it happen. We just have to remember why we are doing things and it should always be because we want to do it for ourselves and through our own journey.

Now on to the other couple.....Major side eye from the beginning. There is a slightly over weight guy and a severely obese woman. What got me upset about this couple is that the man simply wanted his girlfriend to become healthier. He didn't want her to be a size two, he just wanted her to get down to a healthier weight due to the medical conditions she has and she was straight up being lazy and not seeing the severity of her situation. After miscarriages due to her size and other medical problems she still did not take her weight seriously. Now as much as I preach to love your body I also preach living a healthy lifestyle regardless of your size. It wasn't until she became pregnant AGAIN and her boyfriend left her (because of the burden she became due to her constant weight gain and unwillingness to do better) that she understood she had to take her weight seriously and do something about it. It killed me to see her killing herself. I thought her confidence was awesome but regardless of your size you should always work towards making healthy life choices to live a long life. There was no doubt that had she not gotten pregnant and her boyfriend stayed she would still be gaining weight and that's sad. He had to help her put her shoes on and tie them for her and she told him  he would be doing more for her in the near future. Now how selfish is that!!!!! By the end of the show she had a healthy baby and was embracing eating better and exercising and looking into getting weight loss surgery.

This episode hit many spots with me and my own weight loss journey/struggle LOL. Everyone has a choice of how they see their life and what they would like to do in it. First and foremost always focus on your health and secondly make sure your choices are for you. You have to love yourself before you make your changes or your changes will mean nothing.

Thanks for letting me vent LOL.....

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