Monday, November 11, 2013

Why Simply Be Golden Renaissance Gets it Right

I've died and gone to heaven looking at the entire Golden Renaissance Collection from Simply Be. It is the holiday season and with that comes the plethora of holiday functions, be it family or corporate. This is the time to bring your A game and while many find it difficult to find a great dress, they can end their worry today. I looked over every item and this collection is not only uber fab, but it provides awesome ideas people can use if they cannot afford Simply Be.

From Simply Be Site

There are dresses, tops, pants, shoes and even accessories that can be mixed and matched with little effort. I am loving the gold theme as well. Glitter, gold and glam is very in for this holiday season and Simply Be provides such a variety of pieces that there is something for everyone regardless of size and age. I like to have options and who doesn't! We are no longer in a time where we have to reach for that black dress in the back of the closet. Although we should all have a LBD, this is a time when you can forget about it. Simply Be gets it sooo right with this collection and I will definitely not miss out on these great pieces. Below are just a few pieces I am LOVING (I LOVE EVERYTHING). You can go here to see the entire collection!

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