Friday, November 22, 2013

How to Layer a Summer and Fall Top

It is very simple, just take two tops and put them on.....LOL. That statement is neither true nor false as not all tops compliment each other. The summer top I have under my sweater is sleeveless and being that layers are trending this fall I wanted to find a way to still wear it. Usually you would put a button up blouse under a sweater, but that is not the only way to layer your items. The first layer should either be longer than the top layer or have some sort of collar you want to show. The top layer should simply compliment the other shirt. Yes It Is That Simple!!!


  1. I have never thought of doing that. What a great idea! Plus, you're wearing my favorite color: Mint.

    1. Thanks, It's a great way to still wear some summer favs and expand your wardrobe

  2. Thanks for writing my lucky community post! I oike your layout here and your photos are really dood. Like it a lot! What do you think we follow eachother and support? Anyway, good job!